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Leading companies recognise risk as a competitive advantage. With better understanding HKMS manages risk, & creates and protects value for all of the people.

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Due Diligence service & case study

HKMS’s integrated one-stop solution assists customers for buyer-side financial, tax. compliance and HR due diligence. Our experience with seller-side services reveals key insights on various aspects. Our unique & tailored approach churns maximum value within a timeline.

Transaction support and Advisory

We help businesses and their management exploit opportunities to maximize the value in the market. Our experienced team of accountants and advisors understands our clients’ goals - evaluates opportunities, manages transactions, performs required diligence, business valuations to deliver optimal results.

Business Valuation & Analysis

Business Valuation refers to the process of determining the present value of a company or an asset. The varied number of factors which determines the valuation i.e., management of the business, the prospective future earnings, the market value of the company’s assets, and its capital structure composition. Industry experts of HKMS Group who has resourceful experience in providing company valuation service in UAE as well as India.

Business Modelling & Restructuring

Structuring your business operations can get complicated. What every company needs is help with the optimal design that addresses business objectives as well as simplification of the entire process. We advise on a wide range of corporate structuring and restructuring related projects and specialize in design and implementation of compliant corporate structures – however complex and challenging our client’s goals may be.

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Risk assessment, monitoring and management

Our member focus on designing, implementing, and improving risk capabilities such as:

  • Risk oversight
  • Risk management procedures
  • Support for risk assessment

Risk benchmarking and analysis

HKMS’s Risk services help clients assess and benchmark risk management capabilities against regulatory requirements and industry practise expectations.

Risk reporting and monitoring

Risk Reporting and Monitoring service assists clients in establishing a documented and consistent reporting process for management and regulatory risk reporting.

Risk management processes and systems

We assist member firm clients in evaluating risk management process efficiency and effectiveness.


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banking & finance

Fashion & apparel

E-Commerce & IT

Airport Operations

oil & gas

Mall & Hypermarkets


shipping & maritime

real estate

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media & entertainement

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