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Audit is a blend of strategy and risk.

Clients benefit from the expertise and critical insights of HKMS auditors. Auditing is about much more than numbers; regulatory and technological changes are transforming the auditing industry.

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External Audit Support

Get your independent examination of the financial statements prepared by the HKMS Auditors. Our expert auditors and our registration in various free zones, government authorities and banks along with our associate entities provide a competitive advantage to customers looking for end-to-end support.


HKMS team offers various other audit related support i.e.

Stock Audit– Audit of entity’s stock for effective disclosure in financial statements and to report any discrepancies found.

Cost Audit – HKMS provides cost audit and analysis to companies to control cost and improve cost efficiency, enhance profitability, and make effective management decisions.

Internal Audit

HKMS Internal Audit services help boards and senior executives better manage enterprise-wide risks. Our professionals help organizations enhance the effectiveness, quality, and value received from internal audits.

Revenue Audit

Our professional and expert auditors are all equipped to provide assistance to clients and ensure them that they’ll comply with their obligations towards the prerequisites for their Revenue Audit and related tax and duty legislation.

Fixed Asset Capitalization Service

Fixed asset forms the backbone of any entity and helps them to increase and retain Entity’s Net Worth. Through our fixed asset services; companies can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date and timely maintenance of asset registers, asset tagging, revaluation of assets, physical verification, etc.

Certification and Other Assurance Services

Sales Certification (turnover audit) is a special purpose audit of gross sales of a business. The benefit of sales certification is that the landlord gets reasonable assurance that gross sales are accurate and complete. HKMS team can support in providing audits to various tenants/shops located in Malls, Workplaces, Business Parks etc.

Investigation Audit

We have a specialized qualified team to undertake he investigation audit assignments. On understanding the case and situation of fraud, we structure the audit in such a way that the case could be handled very diligently.

Concurrent Audit

Our clients reap the benefit of Concurrent audits like accuracy, authenticity, effective control, compliance with procedures and guidelines by having a systematic and timely examination of financial transactions with substantial checking on a regular monthly basis and or at the time of happening.

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Systematic Process

Auditing is a systematic and scientific process that involves a series of logical, structured, and organised activities.

Three party Relationship

Shareholders, managers, and auditors are all involved in the audit process.


The auditing process entails gathering and analysing evidence, such as financial and non-financial data.

Subject Matter

Auditors provide assurance on a specific subject. However, the subject matter can vary greatly, such as data, systems, or processes, as well as behaviour.


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