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UAE has announced new FDI Policy through which 100% ownership can be obtained by companies in Mainland UAE for the activities provided in the decision after fulfilling various criteria as provided for the respective activities and sectors. 

Below are the highlights of the decision:

  1. 100% Ownership
  2. No expropriation of property except for public benefit in exchange of fair compensation.
  3. Right to use Real Estate
  4. Financial transfers for project gains outside the country
  5. No seizure or confiscation of project funds unless by a court hearing
  6. Licensed Foreign Investment Company’s treatment as National Companies

The period for the approval of FDI License Application for sectors within the positive list will be 5 working days subject to complete availability of documents and information. The Positive List of activities and sectors available to the Foreign Investor at 100% Ownership are as follows: 

The new decision will attract fresh investment and new companies into UAE due to the ease of business provided through the decision. In case of new company formation or analysis of changing existing company in UAE under FDI Policy or for more clarification on the Decision issued, please contact our company formation

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